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Trusting the MBTA
October 26, 2009, 1:34 pm
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Come on, Enterprise editors.

“State may help pay for town’s rail costs” 

You’re playing right into the MBTA’s hands here. Haven’t you learned anything from watching the MBTA negotiate with South Shore communities over the last 20 years?

You’re making this sound like it’s all but a done deal, that the MBTA will GLADLY build a new fire station in North Raynham. The town may as well start picking out land already!

Those of us who are veterans of the Old Colony wars know how to translate MBTA-ese.

“The town is welcome to make this request” really means “Sure, the town can ASK for it. They can also ask for a sound wall made of pure gold, or a million kajillion dollars. Doesn’t mean they’re going to get it.”

But Egan also said the request would be addressed by the state only “after a preferred alternative is selected … and then we would request full data to support the need” really means “We’re going to make you jump through more hoops than a poodle on a variety show, looking for the smallest reason to reject your request.”

And that’s why the headline is misleading. Sure, the term “may help” implies that something could theoretically happen. It leaves a window open. But it oozes too much positivity.

It probably would have been more accurate to say “MBTA doesn’t rule out completely shafting town.” The implication being there that the MBTA will likely shaft the town..but there’s a chance they may not.

Raynham and Easton and Stoughton need to start cooperatng now.  Want to know why towns like Hingham and Scituate were able to get a whistle-free zone and oodles of mitigation dollars? Because they banded together and said “None of us is signing till we get a apckage akin to what the town towns got.” And they drove up the price, and drove up the price, and for the most part got a pretty good deal. It was a great deal, actually, considering what towns like Brockton and Bridgewater got, which was basically a whole lotta nothing.


Jon Gosselin finally grows a set
October 1, 2009, 12:36 pm
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TLC — the channel some refer to as Torturing Little Children, thanks to their emphasis on reality-based shows that invariable involve children in wierd situations — has been banned from the Gosselin home, per The Man of the House.

Now if Jon Gosselin had finally put his foot down, and kicked out the crews three months ago, I think most people would think this was the action of a man truly concerned how the ongoing divorce is going to impact his children. Unfortunately, this action comes a day after TLC announced they were dumping Jon from the show.

TLC should have stopped filming a while ago. What good can come out of recording a messy divorce proceeding, involving 8 kids, and broadcasting it worldwide? 

However, because this action was taken by the skirt-chasing father, and not the  “saintly” mother, it comes off as childish and petulant. It doesnt help he was photographed hanging out in Beverly Hills last night, either.