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Mass. GOP gets their poster child
September 30, 2009, 9:20 am
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If I was in charge of the state Republican Party, I’d make state Rep. Paul Kujawski my poster child for all that’s wrong with Beacon Hill.

Sure, it may be a bit unfair for “Kujo” but, boy, does he play the part well.  He may do a good job representing the good people of Webster, but his transgressions are tailor fit for the Herald-style “Did’cha hear about dis guy?” gossip that goes on at every bar rail, coffee shop and soccer field.

There was the whole problem a few years back when he left a bag of cash and campaign checks at the bar across from the State House. He’s been found guilty twice of violating state campaign finance laws, most recently for using the fund as a personal piggy bank. He was arrested in 2007 for drunk driving but was polite enough to clean off the arresting State Trooper’s boots with his urine.

And now the latest news: that the same Democrat appointed to negotiate a “landmark” pension reform bill is trying to exploit the very loopholes he was appointed to close.

(That sound you hear is a million Massachusetts Democrats smacking themselves in the forehead)

It doesn’t hurt that he has the look of the classic state hack — doughy build, ill-fitting suits, with a whisk broom mustache.

I mean, Jennifer Nassour, the GOP Chairwoman, should be doing backflips this morning. This story is just precious. Between a 3rd consecutive indicted House speaker, a massive tax hike, and now a classic example of Beacon Hill largesse, how can you not have a full slate of candidates and an active base ready to tap into the seething anger of the average voter?

Why wouldn’t you immediately print up 500,000 flyers with Kujawski, DiMasi, and Deval Patrick and start mailing them out to the homes of unenrolled voters?


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