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Jon minus Kate = ? (update – show on hiatus!)
June 23, 2009, 11:08 am
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This just in: TLC has put the show on hiatus. Not because of the divorce. But because they dont have enough fresh footage to air new episodes. Nice.

Congratulations to Pearl Jensen of Sioux Falls, Iowa for correctly guessing last night’s big announcement: the kids got Crooked Houses!

One thing I admire about Jon & Kate is their total openness and willingness to shill for whatever theme park/hotel/resort/playhouse provider is willing to give them free stuff. Unlike other shows where the product placement is more subtle, Jon & Kate leave no doubt as to where they are, what they’re doing, and have always been quick to give a big plug. You could play a drinking game with how many times the name of the theme park/hotel/resort/playhouse provider is mentioned during the episode. That’s some good ‘ol American honesty there.

As for the big news, what can really be said? It’s not a surprise. It’s been the world’s worst kept secret. Frankly I’m more surprised they didn’t film as they told the kids. Now THAT would have brought some ratings!

Personally, I think the reason Kate has become such a villan is because Jon comes off as nice guy and a good Dad. Normally when we see naggy wives on television, we excuse the naggy-ness due to the fact the husband is typically portrayed as little more than an oversized children who will sell the house as part of some crazy plot with the whacky next-door neighbor the second the wife turns her back. Seriously, how is Kate any different than Ray Romano’s wife on Everybody Loves Raymond?

The difference is that on Jon & Kate, Jon isn’t that bumbling, oafish husband. He’s a decent guy who tried hard, but could never seem to adjust or anticipate his wives rules, whims, and needs.  And that small difference is what makes Kate look so nasty, even though I would bet there are millions of husbands out there who want to shake Jon’s hand and say “Congratulations.” 

I did laugh when Kate said she still wasn’t sure what she had done to make Jon so angry at her. No, seriously. She doesn’t know. And now Jon is too bitter to even try to explain to her that 10 years of criticism, nagging and emasacalation can lead to feelings of hostility that not even 8 kids and millions of dollars can overcome.

Maybe that can be the ultimate lesson learned by all the wives out there. Nagging does not lead to better husbands. It leads to bitter, ground-down husbands that eventually don’t resemble the “man” they married.

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