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Fall River/New Bedford line, mounted patrols, Enchanted Village
June 19, 2009, 9:41 am
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Over at Blue Mass Group I have posted some additional tidbits on the  transportation reform bill that you won’t find anywhere else. Supporters and opponents of the Fall River/New Bedford line may be interested in one nugget in particular: that the bill will make it harder for the state to build projects it knows it can’t afford to operate and maintain.

And, as of right now, the state CANNOT afford to build, operate and maintain the Fall River/New Bedford line.

That is not a commentary on the worthiness of the project, more a statement of realism.

I will comment on the worthiness of the City of Boston’s mounted patrols, however. It’s a tough issue. I think mounted patrols are one of those neat things that can be helpful and always makes people smile. Nothing sends someone back in time faster like hearing the clomp-clomp of horseshoes on a cobbled street. But I don’t know if the historic charm justifies preserving the patrol at a time when the city is laying off workers.

I do, however, feel very strongly that the city should do a “Last Ride” from the stables in JP to Downtown Boston. It would make for a great procession and I bet thousands of kids and families would turn out to see it. Maybe it can be included as part of the City’s July 4th festivities?

Finally, nothing in this world makes more sense that Jordan’s Furniture purchasing the Enchanted Village display. They have the money for the reapir and the space to set it up. Plus, I have to give Eliot Tatleman credit for at least admitting that this is a promotions ploy designed to get people to come and walk through their store:

“The only catch for Jordan’s,’’ Tatelman said, “is that you are just going to have to walk through a lot of furniture to get to it.’’

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