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Howie Carr, elderly drivers, and flip-flops
June 16, 2009, 10:40 am
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A few thoughts on a few different things…

1) Simply a fantastic slap-down on Howie Carr by Dan Kennedy today. Sure, we can talk about how Howie is a great example of a self-made man. But tell me how Dan Totten ISNT self-made? Howie got a free prep school education thanks to his dad’s job mowing the lawns at Deerfield Academy. Totten went to Boston Public Schools, attended a state college, went to work at the local newspaper, and rose internally through the ranks to become a union leader who would still be semi-anonymous if it wasn’t for the NY Times decision to strip-mine the Globe.

And considering the Herald remains a paper largely read by union tpes, I remain confused as to why Howie would then denigrate a self-made union leader. Oh yea, because Howie’s a self-interested fraud, and Totten works for the Globe.

2) Hello voting populace! It’s me, the ballot box. You should visit me more often. If you did, you too could see yourself as a protected class in Massachusetts. The unions come and see me regularly. And they’re allowed to make good wages and good benefits. Public employees stop by regularly too. And they continue to receive pay raises even during lay-offs. But noone comes and pulls my lever more than seniors. And you wonder why the Legislature is so slow to yank their licenses? The funny thing about democracy is you actually have to participate to have your voice heard. And if your voice isn’t heard, that means someone else’s voice is being heard instead, in this case, seniors.

3) Speaking of this whole senior driving brou-haha, it’s amazing the complete flipflop the conservative commentators in this state have taken. No rants about legislators rushing to respond to a media-driven hysteria. No lectures on how government needs to stay out of our private business, and let adults make adult decisions and then pay the consequences if something goes wrong. No discourses on how personal liberties shouldn’t be infringed in the name of public safety.

Nope. None of that. In fact, the always rational Michael Graham, is apopolyctic that the Legislature essentially didn’t call an emergency session on Sunday afternoon and ram Sen. Joyce’s elderly drivers testing bill through on a series of voice votes.  But hey, at least they have their principles. Right? Right?

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