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Jon & Kate latest
June 5, 2009, 8:52 am
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Lets’ close out the week with a Friday post of all news and updates Jon & Kate related…jon_gosselin

First of all, Boston-area TV watchers luv themselves some Jon & Kate as last week’s season premiere was the third most watched show of the week behind only 60 Minutes and a Red Sox game.

 This week’s ratings aren’t out yet, and while Im sure there will be some drop, they promise to still be huge. Although watching this past week’s episodes, which were by most standards generic Jon & Kate episodes with no mention of The Troubles, I can’t help feeling like I did watching most of Season 6 of The Sopranos — watching week after week, waiting for the big moment, only to be disappointed by the blandness.

It is worth pointing out that the episodes that aired this week were actually taped in April which was before the pictures of Jon and the chicks and the rumors about Kate and the bodygaurd. So we’ll see if teh tension builds throughout the season!

(And, yes, I hate myself for spendig this much time thinking and blogging about a show where the main attraction is the slow-motion implosion of a marriage that involves 8 young children.)  

Second, while Jon was snowboarding with the ladies in Utah, Kate was with the brood at the beach in NC. And we got some bikini pictures of Kate! And for a mom with 8 kids, she actually looks pretty damn good! Pics are here and here.

Here’s a story about the Gosselin’s hometown reportedly not as lathered up about the goings on in Casa de Gosselin

And for someone who supposedly hates the spotlight, Jon Gosselin sure is quoted in a lot of magazines. Like People.  But I do believe him when he says that his kids right now are happy and healthy. But they are also 5 and 8. What’s going to happen when they’re 9 and 12?

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Funny how a tummy tuck and endless tanning will turn a heinous hosebeast into a MILF.

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