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Fagan to Globe: Drop Dead!
June 4, 2009, 8:34 am
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You know we’re in the End Days on Beacon Hill when the Hack Caucus starts blaming the Boston Globe for weighing down the advancement of the Commonwealth.

I mean, the Herald’s always hated public servants and all they do on behalf of The People. Always going after the good guys like Charlie Flaherty and Tom Finneran and Gus Serra. But the Globe! Hath you forsaken the Hack caucus as well?

The issue stems from the Globe’s sudden insistence that the Legislature become a bunch of do-gooders. Pension reform. Transportation Reform. Ethics reform. Responsible budgeting. Running poor Sal DiMasi out of office before he was proven to be a crook. It’s never enough to quench the Globe’s thirst for more hack blood!

“I’m sick and tired of genuflecting to those people,” Rep. James Fagan of Taunton said during a debate last night on a proposal to eliminate Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill day as Suffolk County holidays. “I hope these holidays are around a long time after the Globe is gone. And the sooner the better.”

See, Fagan’s one of the good guys. He’s willing to stand up and fight for a pair of holidays that his own constituents don’t even get off. He’s not one of the “cynics and haters” like the Globe and the Herald “who want to run the state from Morrissey Boulevard and Herald Square.”

Rep. Brian Wallace of South Boston agrees: It’s the newspapers fault. “I’m with the people of South Boston and I’m tired of people bowing to the pressures of the Globe and the Herald.”

Stupid, meddlesome newspapers. What have they ever done for us? Who do they answer to?

If the Globe really wants to save money, why not shutter the State House bureau? After all, we already have watchdogs like representatives Fagan and Wallace.

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