Sacred Cods and Holy Mackerals

Forced into hiding…
May 28, 2009, 11:25 am
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qwqwqSorry, but no post todayas I’m in hiding. The Track Ladies caught wind of my post yesterday and aren’t happy about me muscling in on their territory. They demanded I post this picture from today’s Herald as tribute. Hopefully this will all blow over soon.

Just one quick note: apparantly TLC has no intention of putting the show on hiatus anytime soon. After pulling in 9 million viewers on Monday, they have ordered 40 episodes for this season. 40!

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I remember the first time a show like this was done maybe 15 or even 20years ago. The life of a family was followed for a period of time and this ordinary family ended up the same way – in divorce. I think it’s being under a microscope that causes the results.

Comment by Sally Rogers

Which show are you referring to?

Comment by South Shore Pragmatist

Actually it was a documentary “An American Family” produced in 1973.

Comment by Sally Rogers

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