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Dirty secrets from beneath the dome!
May 27, 2009, 8:31 am
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Since yesterday’s post on Jon & Kate was the second-most read post in this site’s history (the most-read post being this piece of satire that most people didn’t realize was satire) I’m officially combining my love of state politics and celebrity gossip into one big state politics gossip site.

As a special for all my new fans, here’s a list of the six most dirtiest dishes under the dome! Remember, no phone calls please, because my lips are sealed. Unless of course you offer me large sums of cash.  

* Have you heard about the hack radio czar who is trying to keep his taste for graying retirees in the closet? He doesn’t have to wait for the mail to get his monthly kiss!

* Then there’s the story of the deputy agency head who wasn’t hired for knowledge of state procurement laws. Let’s just say her Manolos and Hermes bag aren’t the only things that are fake!

* We know the real story behind the fall-out between Patrick, Murray and DeLeo. Let’s just say it involves “policy disagreements” and “political grandstanding.”

* All the tongues are wagging about the latest controversial state hire. He may be qualified, well-educated, politically-savvy and underpaid, but he’s also a Yankees fan! Let’s say he won’t be around long enough to see his pension vest!

* Hear about the media darling who is so dumb she doesn’t know the difference between defeasance and malfeasance? But she’s super hot so it’s OK.

*And finally, there’s the dashing state senator who enjoys wooing the ladies. Wouldn’t his wife be mad is she knew? Good thing he doesn’t have one!

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Watch out, Gayle and Laura!

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