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Screw you! No, screw YOU!
May 21, 2009, 7:07 am
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Ahh, sweet vengeance, how delicious the taste.

The state Senate sure thinks so. After all, they upped the ongoing war with the governor’s office last night voting unanimously — UNANIMOUSLY — on a Republican sponsored budget amendment that requires Gov. Patrick to:

“develop a report detailing all action undertaken by the Executive Branch in Fiscal Year 2009, and those planned to be undertaken in 2010, to reduce the costs of employee compensation. Said report shall also include an itemization of any and all stuffing reductions, furlough and salary wage reductions in addition to any salary and wage increases and any increases in staffing levels from 2008 to 2009 to those projected for 2010.”

This vote can shortly after Gov. Patrick said in a Email that the Legislature was “thumbing their noses at the taxpayers.” So the Senate’s response was to say, basically, “OK Guv, you wanna keep slapping us around in order to  make yourself look tough? That’s fine. But we’re going to embarrass you by requiring you to disclose what you’ve done within your own office to save the taxpayers’ money. And we’re going to bet on ‘not much’.”

Consider this: after GOP Sen. Mike Knapik gave a fiery speech criticizing the governor for suddenly discovering his inner-Grover Norquist,  — while simultaneously adding 2,000 new state employees, giving away pay hikes to 10,000 state employees and dishing out $100,000k+ patronage hires — a handful of Democratic senators APPLAUDED!

The good news is that this growing spat between the Legislature and Governor is over who can appear more fiscally, morally and politically responsible in the eyes of the voters. And as a result, we’re seeing much more good-government-style legislation succeeding than normally would.

You can debate how much they really mean what they’re saying deep-down, but on the surface, at least, we’re finally seeing some much-needed change on Beacon Hill.

ADDENDUM: Sen. Berry still has some love for the governor. During a debate today on a budget amendment that essentially would prohibit Gov. Patrick from giving public unions raises, Berry said the Legislature should “trust the governor’s plan.”

Those are some words you don’t hear very often in the building anymore.

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More talk. Oh this sounds great but what does your company do when they don’t have the sales or income to support the whole operation? Layoffs, pay freezes, pay cuts, that’s what. What does the state do when forced with lower income? Lets build racinos, Lets raise sales tax, Income tax any tax! So you and I get layoff notices, pay cuts or pay freezes and the State workers get raises more perks and the citys and towns lose their state funding because there isn’t enough money to fulfill the local aid requirements.

There is the problem. Now for a possible solution. Eliminate the Mass Pike west of Rt 128 and turn it over to Mass Highways, fire the toll takers and assorted support personnel. Sell the service Plazas and use the proceeds to pay down the bonds for the Pike. Shut down 3/4 of the Department of education Departments. Shut down Any department that has the word “Energy” in it as they have no clue as to how to solve an energy problem. Every state employee above $45,000.00 per year gets an automatic 10% pay cut. No double retirements. No more than a 50% retirement on base pay. Any state employee with a double retirement pick one to keep whole and the other one drops in increments of 25% per year for this and the next three years. If the state mandates it then the state pays for it.

Do not raise any taxes until this is done!

What do you think?

Comment by Steve McKinnon

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