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Mike Beaudet discovers 2005
April 1, 2009, 8:41 am
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Boy nothing will snap me out of a blogging funk faster than a completely asinine Mike Beaudet piece on Fox 25.

He went undercover last night to breathlessly tell me about how my tax dollars were being wasted on school construction projects with massive overruns.

For instance, did you know that school construction projects in Milton averaged a 25% cost overun? And did you know the state’s school building grant program had little oversight and ran up billions of dollars in debt? 

What’s that? You did? Oh, you’ve actually read a local newspaper in the past 5 years? You’ve heard about how the Legislature back in 2004 voted to blow-up the school building grant program and overhaul the whole system? You heard about the 3-year moratorium on new projects while the state re-wrote the rules for receiving grants? You’ve heard about the new super-competitive, super-strict process that the Mass. School Building Authority has set up and is receiving universal praise?

Seriously, what was the freaking point of this “expose?”  Is this the first Beaudet has actually heard of this problem? What’s the point of exposing an issue that has been addressed, and been addressed quite well, actually. At least when WBZ’s I-Team catches city workers buying muffins on city time, it’s happened within the past 3 months.

I’ve been wracking my brain for reasons for Beaudet ran with this story. Here’s what I”ve come up with:

  • Treasurer Tim Cahill said he’d give him some great “waste in state government” money quotes if Beaudet brought a camera crew by his office

And really that’s all I could think of.

Let’s take a look at other stories Beaudet could report that would be more relevant than the garbage he put on TV last night:

  • House Speaker Tom Finenran indicted for perjury
  • The Red Sox win two World Series
  • Mitt Romney makes fun of the state he is governing
  • Some website called Myspace is a hit with the kids
  • Experts say it possible that an American city could ever be wiped out by a Hurricane
  • President Bush: Most popular president ever?
  • Tom Reilly: Can anyone stop his march to the Corner Office?
  • Real estate experts predict the market may soon be in for a tumble


P.S. Sorry for the lack of recent posts. The Legislature has apparantly borrowed Austin Power’s mojo and remembered that it has the power and responsibility to reject the status quo, and enact good government-style legislation that benefits all people and not just the politically-connected . And as a result, my plate has been quite full.  Plus, my son started listening to Nickleback, so I’ve been using most of free time conducting a re-orientation program that involves hours of Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Jane’s Addiction. It hasn’t been pretty.