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Meet the new boss(es)
February 19, 2009, 10:26 am
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David Bernstein again brings it/stomps the yard with his analysis on House Speaker DeLeo’s new leadership team.

Basically, Loren & Wally and Oldies 103.3 is out — WZLX is in.

 The key dynamic change isn’t just the age-shift, but also the personality shift. The new leadership team is not content with being back-slappers. They are, largely, activist and advocates at heart and have every intention of being movers and shakers. You think Rep. Alice Wolf, finally becoming a committee chairwoman after spending years as a backbencher, is going to suddenly become a yes-woman? And Charlie Murphy, the new Ways and Means Chairman, has never been one to sit idly in the corner.

Judy Meredith over at BlueMassGroup asks whether DeLeo’s appointments will restore the public’s faith in the Legislature. My response was “no.”

Simply putting able bodies in top seats won’t “restore confidence” — that will only be done through actions such as pension reform, transportation reform, lobbyist reform.

What could be accomplished, however, is combating this public perception that centralized leadership is the law-of-the-land within the House of Representatives.  

If the public truly feels that legislation is advanced through a true democratic process, rather than by armtwisting and “what leadership wants” THAT will go a along way…

What has been striking in the first couple weeks of the DeLeo tenure is how pitch-perfect his public statements and actions have been. Nobody thought 6 years ago that Bobby DeLeo would be speaker. And so far, he has been putting himself in a good position to carve out a similar legacy like the one left behind by his good friend Robert Traviglini, someone else who made an unexpected leap into power. Could this really the beginning of a Pax Domus?

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