Sacred Cods and Holy Mackerals

Palace intrigue
January 26, 2009, 9:33 am
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As Sal DiMasi’s spokesman once said on national TV while in a former life: It is what it is.

DiMasi is done as of tomorrow night. So the next question (aside from whether the outcome of the criminal investigation) is who will succeed him. As of now, it appears Ways and Means Chairman Robert DeLeo has it locked up. But that doesn’t mean John Rogers is going down fighting.

First, a group of Rogers’ supporters signed a letter questioning DeLeo’s role in the issuance of the Cognos contract. It’s a clever move, trying to taint DeLeo with DiMasi’s problems. Rogers obviously is hoping that if this ploy scares off just 3 legislators, particularly FRESHMAN legislators who are going to be most vulnerable in November ’10, then he has a shot.

However time is Rogers’  biggest enemy at this point, which is why he’s looking for a one month delay in the vote. Who knows what will happen by then, Rogers is thinking. There may be another Boston Globe story in the queue outlining how Vitale wallpapered DeLeo’s living room and then built him a deck two weeks before the Cognos contract was passed.

So will the media take the bait that Rogers’ supporters are dangling out there? Will DeLeo’s involvement, even as a tertiary figure in all this, become a headline in the next 24 hours? And if it does, will we see Rogers’ own recent campaign finance problems resurface?

If you like palace intrigue, there’s no better time to be at the State House.

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