Sacred Cods and Holy Mackerals

Winds of change are blowing
January 14, 2009, 8:08 am
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A gas tax hike is coming. make no mistake about it. Deval Patrick is not slowly warming to the idea, as some news stories will have you believe. Everybody beneath the Golden Dome, Sacred Cods and Holy Mackerals alike, knows that the only way to responsibly prop up the transportation system is with a gas tax hike. There’s only two questions left unanswered at this time:

1) How big will the hike be?

2) What reforms will accompany it?

Make no mistake about the second question either: there are going to be some momentous reforms announced over the next couple of weeks. It actually began yesterday with new Trans. Sec. Jim Aloisi picking up Christy Mihos’ idea of selling surplus Turnpike land and service plazas. (I only pray that Christy does indeed successfully buy one of the plazas. Boy, that could be fun. ) And later on today the Senate is supposedly going to unveil a MAJOR transportation reform package that BBQs some of the most sacred cows.

The answer to the two above questions is largely going to be determined by the response of voters over the next couple months. As sad as it may seem, legislators, especially those living the closest to Boston, are going to need grassroots support from the average taxpayer in their district. If the MBTA and Turnpike unions, and other special interest groups are the only ones sending Emails, mailing letters, and making phone calls, don’t be surprised if the reform package emerges a bit watered down, and maybe the tax hike a bit higher.

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