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Rep. Walsh brings it
December 18, 2008, 7:15 am
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For those of you who didn’t attend today’s hearing, you missed a tour de force performance by Rep. Stephen Walsh, of Lynn. He was in to testify on behalf of his proposal to freeze Turnpike and tunnel tolls…and…he…killed. Logical. Passionate. Eloquent. When he finished speaking, he should have just dropped the mic and walked out the door.

He even outshone the dude who showed up at the end wearing a chicken suit as a “commentary” on the Patrick Administration’s “courage” to deal with the turnpike/toll issue in a more responsible way. As chance would have it, the committee ran out of time just before Chicken Man was slated to testify.

Unfortunately, my odds from this morning’s post were a bit off. The phrase du jour was “one bite at the apple” as in if the Legislature votes  in January to raise the gas tax 5 cents to pay off the Big Dig bonds, it won’t be able to come back in March and raise the gas tax again, when the MBTA needs its bailout.  It’s one reason why Sen. Baddour, apparantly, is done waiting for Patrick to unveil his MassTrans plan and is in the process of drafting his own reform plan.

PS: Adam, over at Universal Hub, has a more in-depth report on the Chicken Man.

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Great blog. What is the Wagner guy all about?

Comment by mike against the hike

Don’t know. What I do know is that he has historically been very loyal to both Speakers Finneran and DiMasi. I also am pretty sure that he and Sen. Baddour don’t see eye-to-eye in terms of how to solve these problems. The reason we’re having FOUR hearings is because it was a compromise between Wagner and Baddour over an appropriate public response to all these issues. Plus, I’ve never heard a guy from Western Mass. sound more like he’s from Chicago.

Comment by South Shore Pragmatist

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