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Nothing like a good hearing
December 9, 2008, 7:05 pm
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I’ll be spending most of my day (again) at the Transportation Committee hearing. For those keeping track at home, this is the second of a planned three hearings on this transportation system meltdown we are experiencing. (No this is not hyperbole. Things are truly and deeply effed up. Mark my words: there are some BIG changes coming)

Last week the hearing was on privitaization of the Pike, which was a barnburner, let me tell ya. The highlight of the hearing was the fact that Paul Haley was allowed in and nobody tarred and feathered him. Paul Haley, of course, is the Lehman Bros. exec who sold the Mass Turnpike one of its swaptions, which could now end up costing tollpayers about $80 kajillion dollars. (OK, more like $340 million, but you get the point) I mean, imagine a drug dealer being allowed to participate in an intervention.

Today’s hearing is on Gov. Patrick’s transportation reform plan, or perhaps more accurately, lack of a plan. (Easy joke of the day alert!) Only Chinese Democracy has seen more delays in its release than Gov. Patrick’s MassTrans plan. Then again, Axl Rose never had to work with the MBTA employees union. Hey-ooo!

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