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Requiem for a patsy?
December 2, 2008, 11:46 pm
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So the question I have for all of you is, after reading this morning’s story on Matt Amorello’s ongoing divorce and money troubles, do you feel even the teensiest bid sorry for him?

Personally, I don’t blame Amorello for the Big Dig problems as much as everyone does. The Big Dig and all the subsequent problems are the legacies of James Kerasiotis, James Aloisi, and a completely disinterested Legislature much more so than Matt Amorello. The pieces were put in play long before Matt Amorello was hired. Hell, the ceiling that collapsed was installed two years before Amorello took over.  

He was an unwitting patsy given a position well above his abilities. Politicians have egos and what politician is going to turn down a $250,000-per-year gig that primarily consists of doing the sitting governor’s bidding? (Unless that governor is Mitt Romney, of course)

But he was the guy in charge at the time that everything really went to hell. There were the ribbon-cuttings with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the two years of nighttime closures for finishing work, the swaptions,  the public battles with Romney, and the ongoing Ethics Commission investigation on the sick time policy he adopted on his way out the door.

Did he screw things up royally? Totally. But let’s face it – there’s been a number of far more incompetent state managers that have farked things up much worse over the years than Amorello, but haven’t been shunned anywhere to the extent Amorello has. Aloisi, for example, just got appointed to the MassPort Board of Directors. Kevin Sullivan, who served as both state Transportation Secretary and MBTA General Manager in the late ‘90s/ early 2000’s, served on the commission looking at why our transportation system is bankrupt. It’s Amorello who’s about as welcome in the State House as James Marzilli.

So while convicted felons Charles Flaherty and Thomas Finnerans makes hundreds of thousands of dollars as back-slapping lobbyists, Matt Amorello is forced to seek out consulting work in India, and see himself Photoshopped into a McDonald’s uniform on the front-page of the Boston Herald.  You can almost understand why the guy would become a bit depressed.

(Then again he did find enough money to make a donation to John McCain while at the same time allowing his home mortgage to fall $17,000 in appears. Another example of his superior management skills.)

 What do you think? Is my bleeding heart dripping too much?



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