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The final days…part 2
November 13, 2008, 1:38 am
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Because he’s a much more awesomer political thinker than me, I highly recommend reading David Bernstein’s blog entry on DiMasi’s troubles.

He, too, wonders if the wolves are starting to claw at DiMasi’s door. But he also considers that question in the background of the public continuing to receive an (unwanted?) up-close and personal look at the sausage-making process (i.e., Wilkerson’s wheelings and dealings, DiMasi’s implied or real influence, etc.)

The more we learn about the Cognos deal — and the more DiMasi insists on not being fully open about it — the worse it looks. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily dirty. But it does mean that Massachusetts citizens are increasingly concerned, legitimately, about whether the dealings on Beacon Hill and in City Hall are normal back-room political processes, or a culture of the powerful run amok.

There’s an interesting thought in there:”…doesn’t mean it’s necessarily dirty.” I’d argue that it’s this pulling-back-of-the-curtain that has most legislators and Beacon Hill power brokers nervous. Power plays and back-room deals have been a part of politics since ancient Greece. But the public, frankly, despite what you read in the Boston Herald comments section, still largely holds an idealistic image of what representative democracy should be. And there is no truer political equation than perception = reality. As a result, because the Wilkerson and DiMasi deals look dirty, they are dirty.

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