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Three Monday links
November 10, 2008, 8:03 pm
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1) Some website put together a collection of presidential portraits designed to demonstrate the incredible physical toll that the Presidency takes on a man. What makes this particularly interesting is what they project President Obama will look like by the end of his term.

2) Continuing on with my crusade against the ongoing anti-intellectualism movement in this nation, that liberal moonbat rag the Wall Street Journal weighs in with a column on how the new generation of intellectual conservatives are ruining the party by supporting and endorsing candidates such as Sarah Palin “whose ignorance, provinciality and populist demagoguery represent everything older conservative thinkers once stood against…”

“But their function within the conservative movement is no longer to educate and ennoble a populist political tendency, it is to defend that tendency against the supposedly monolithic and uniformly hostile educated classes. They mock the advice of Nobel Prize-winning economists and praise the financial acumen of plumbers and builders. They ridicule ambassadors and diplomats while promoting jingoistic journalists who have never lived abroad and speak no foreign languages. “

Them’s mighty tough words, especially from the nation’s standard in conservative-minded reporting and editorializing.

3) Former Massachusetts education czar James Pyser also wrote a column for South Shore Pragmatist’s favorite newspaper section, the Sunday Boston Globe’s Ideas section.

In it, he suggests that the Mass GOP needs to re-brand itself as the party of smart, conservative ideas. He says the GOP should embrace “reverse wedge issues” — issues that cross party lines such as rejecting corporate welfare and supporting charter schools. He also says the GOP needs to remember that President Reagan ran on an upbeat, optimistic “shining city on a hill” message, not one of wild-eyed anger and soul-sapping cynicism. I feel like someone else mentioned those exact points not too long ago…

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I was interested in the article regarding presidential portraits & physical toll or Presidency. Enjoyed the beginning & after pictures until I got down to President Obama. I did not find his after picture funny but saw it as subtle racism. All pictures of former white presidents were actual photos & I expected to see a real age enactment of President Obama. I did not find his after photo particularily interesting, just saw the ignorance of another very small minded individual!!!!

Comment by mybusiness

With all due respect, mybusiness, I think you need to reconsider your definition of racism. There is a BIG difference between making a racist joke, and making a joke perhaps in poor taste. There was no hate or attempt to sterotype behind using a picture of Red Foxx. If the author had instead used a picture of Uncle Remus from Song of the South, then you may have an argument. But using Red Foxx, one of the most succesful black comedians of all time, to depict an older Obama certainly isn’t racist. Would Sydney Poitier have been an OK choice?

Comment by South Shore Pragmatist

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