Sacred Cods and Holy Mackerals

The more things change…
November 5, 2008, 6:06 pm
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We’re living in a bold new world.


Well, maybe not so much here in the State House. In fact, not much has really changed. We still have a state income tax. The Democrats still control a super-super-majority of both branches. And the State House Café still offers a pretty damn good BLT for $2.75.


There are, of course, some changes coming. The state’s two dog tracks will soon have to close their doors for good and Raynham-Taunton Dog Track owner George Carney will have to find somewhere else to bring his “Old Tyme Crazy Show.” Judging by the way WATD’s Election Night team was gushing over his interview with Bob Hedlund on Monday night, maybe they’ll offer him a talk show slot. Personally, I will be making one last pilgrimage down to Raynham sometime soon, watching Rusty lead the dogs around the track, while I chomp on some of the best crinkle fries this side of Ore-Ida, hoping my manly bet of $5 on the favorite to place comes through.


I’m still trying to figure out whether the passage of Question 2 is an indication on just how many covert pot smokers there are out there, or if people really do agree that their tax dollars should be spent more on dealing with real crime, than bagging 18-year-old kids for carrying a dimebag. I’m pretty sure it’s the former. The children of the 60s and 70s are still voting in huge numbers, plus colleges nowadays are stuffed with Rasta-Trents. I’m not convinced decriminalizing an ounce of marijuana will lead to throngs of stoners smoking on Boston Common – I mean, besides during Hempfest. But I will be curious to see if pot-smoking grows out of its wink-and-nod cultural status, and into something more culturally acceptable, kind of like what happened with pro wrestling back in the 90s.  


The bigger questions up here today is how Barack Obama’s election will impact the Massachusetts political scene. Will Deval Patrick be named US Attorney General? Or will John Kerry be named Secretary of State? Or both?


Patrick has been saying all the right things: that he’s going to finish out his term, blah blah blah, but would he really turn down the chance to serve as AG? Would Obama put a placeholder in the seat until Deval’s term expires in 2011? Is John Walsh, the state Democratic party chairman, secretly hoping Deval does leave in order to avoid what could be a nasty primary battle against Tim Cahill and possibly Martha Coakley? Even if Deval does win the primary, he’d likely face Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care boss Charlie Baker, who can currently be found somewhere along the River Charles being baptized by the local GOP faithful.  


The real political fun, however, would come if Obama was to tap Kerry for a cabinet post. That would then set off a scramble for his US Senate seat, which, if won by a sitting Congressman (Frank? Lynch? Markey?) would then set up a mad dash for the Congressional seat, which could then be won by a state senator or representative, which would then – well, you get the picture. Ultimately, election season in Massachusetts could carry straight on through 2010, which would be great for junkies such as myself, albeit less desirable to regular voters with actual lives.

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